Lindsay Balent

Lindsay Balent has been devoted to the allstar industry for twenty years as a cheerleader, coach, and business owner. In 2008 Lindsay realized the demand for quality instruction and formed Maryland Allstars. After only a few years in business, the cheerleading program developed a strong reputation and showed great potential. In 2012, Lindsay partnered with Sandy Fusee to further expand the business and ensure its success. They opened a new facility, Maryland Allstar Athletics, to offer additional programs. Over the years the business has grown and matured tremendously while holding tight to the philosophies it was built upon. Lindsay's dedication to allstar expands even further then managing her program. Lindsay has been an active member of the USASF's Regional Advisory Board for three terms. She also serves as a USASF Connection Leader to promote the longevity and viability of the sport. Lindsay increases her knowledge of allstar by attending regional and national cheerleading workshops and meetings. She has certifications from the United States Allstar Federation (USASF), USA Gymnastics (USAG), and the Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA). In 2016 Lindsay made the Top 35 Under 35 list by CheerBiz Magazine. This award is issued to 35 individuals under the age of 35 that are recognized as up and coming leaders in the cheer industry. As a coach Lindsay's teams have won at prominent events such as UCA Nationals, Champions League, and the D2 Summit.

Sandy Fusee

Sandy Fusee has played an integral role in the formation of Maryland Allstars. As a co-owner, Sandy has oversees the continuation of the Maryland Allstar’s concept and brand. She administers all operations including the direction of the company, marketing and customer relations, new business development, and budgeting. Her strong business and finance background and love for children enable her to excel at what she does. Sandy finds great satisfaction is seeing what Maryland Allstars has done for so many young athletes. Sandy is a devoted mother of two children, one of which is a Maryland Allstar alumnus!

Tom Balent

Tom Balent is an accomplished gymnast and cheerleader. Raised in Texas, Tom was a member of Club Cheer, NCA’s 1999 National Champions. He is also a three year veteran of the Baltimore Ravens Stunt Team. Tom traveled with the Baltimore Ravens to perform at the 2000-2001 NFL Superbowl. Tom has coached at the University of North Texas, University of Maryland, and Towson University. Tom has been a head judge and safety instructor for Spirit Unlimited, COA, ACDC, All Spirit, and NCA. As highly sought after tumbling consultant, Tom works with programs to develop their tumbling protocols based on a perfection before progression model. He has trained and developed some of the most talented athletes in the cheerleading industry. Tom has over twenty years of coaching experience and has been USASF certified since 2008. Tom is one of the masterminds behind Perfect-A-Flip, a company that creates innovative products and provides services that encourage a better, safer way of training. In 2017 Tom was Maryland Allstars "Coach of the Year" which is determined by athlete votes. The following season Tom began coaching Great White Sharks. Under Tom's guidance the team had one of their most decorated seasons earning a Wildcard bid to the D2 Summit and placing fifth in the final round.

Ali Bliss

Ali Bliss came to Maryland Allstars with over eight years of cheerleading experience. She began her cheer career at the recreational level but quickly advanced to allstar. Ali was on the Maryland Marlins junior and senior teams for a total of five years. Her senior year Ali was chosen to be a team Captain. While cheering for her allstar team, Ali was also a member of the Atholton High School cheerleading squad, cheering on Varsity for three years. Upon graduating high school, Ali attended Hood College in Frederick, MD and became part of the Blazers cheerleading squad. She cheered for the Blazers for four years and was a captain as a junior and senior. During her collegiate years, Ali was a gymnastics instructor at Perfect Balance gymnastics. She is going on her seventh year coaching at Maryland Allstars and is doing an amazing job with her teams. Ali has been coaching Zebra Sharks for 3 seasons and has has enabled the team to win Battle at the Capitol Nationals, American Masters, Reach The Beach, and The Finale to name a few. During the 2017-2018 season Ali lead her team to an undefeated season. Ali has been certified through the United States Allstar Federation (USASF) and the Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA). Ali resides in Columbia, MD and is the Marketing and Events Manager at the Howard County Economic Development Authority .

Wayne Williams

Wayne Williams grew up in Randallstown, MD and has been a natural athlete all of his life. Wayne developed an interest in acrobatics and trained at several out of state clinics in his prime. He has won both State and Regional Acrobatic Championships. Wayne's team placed second at National events in Palm Spings, CA and St. Paul, MN. Wayne can be seen on the USAG website giving demonstrations of his acrobatic skills. Wayne has always had an appreciation for the attention to detail and the focus that tumbling requires. In an effort to share his love of the sport with others, Wayne began teaching tumbling in Rockville, MD. Wayne was a coach and choreographer for acrobatic pre-teams. During that time, Wayne also taught motor skills and tumbling classes at Gymjam in Eldersburg, MD. Wayne's positive coaching style gave him a strong reputation in the area. When the need for an additional tumbling instructor became available at Maryland Allstars, Wayne enthusiastically came on board. In 2013, 2014, and 2015 he was awarded Maryland Allstar's "Coach of the Year"  which was based on athlete votes. Wayne is a current member of USA Gymnastics and is certified in Safety/Risk Management. He is passionate about working with Special Athletes and has done an incredible job with our Angel Sharks for the past four seasons.

Sam Knox

Sam Knox started her athletic career at the age of 3, when she started taking gymnastics classes. Sam then transitioned to cheerleading with the Sykesville Raiders. After six years at the recreational level, Sam turned to allstar cheerleading to further advance her skills. Sam's allstar teams won Maryland States, Battle at the Capitol, Return to Atlantis, and the US Finals. Sam also cheered on Century High School's Varsity cheer squad. Her positive attitude allowed her to become the team's Captain her senior year. Upon graduation, Sam coached at Century High School and choreographed their routines. Under her guidance, the team won Counties and advanced to States. While coaching, Sam also cheered on the all-girl team at Towson University where she became a 2013 NCA National Champion. Sam is beginning her fifth year with Maryland Allstars and was the 2016 "Coach of The Year" which is determined by athlete votes  She has enabled her teams to win prestigious competitions such as UCA Nationals and The Champions League. Sam has taken two teams to the D2 Summit and placed as high as fifth in Finals. Sam has been certified through the United States Allstar Federation (USASF) and the Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA).

Molly Peters

Molly Peters joined Maryland Allstars in 2013. She had an amazing experience as a Maryland Allstars athlete winning multiple National titles during her cheerleading career. She is a two-time UCA National Champion. Molly has been recognized numerous times for her contributions to the program including an award for "Best Jumps" in 2016. She began her coaching career as a Junior Staff member at Maryland Allstars. Molly is now entering her third year coaching teams of her own. She is currently a college student majoring in hotel management hospitality for event planning.

Morgan Amend

Morgan Amend began her cheerleading career with the Sykesville Raiders at 8 years old. Her experience enabled her to make Liberty High School's Varsity team all four years. Morgan became Captain of the team when she was just a Junior. In 2011 Morgan began coaching Liberty as an assistant but became the head coach in 2015. Morgan helped to transform the program allowing them to win the 1A/2A Sate Championship for the first time in history. That same year, Liberty also won the County Championship for the first time since 1998. Morgan is well-known on the high school circuit and has started taking on the allstar world! In 2017 her team had an amazing season earning second place at UCA Nationals. Morgan has been certified through the United States Allstar Federation (USASF) and the Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA).

Jackie Bassler

Jackie Bassler first began cheering at the age of 8 for a local recreational program. Soon after starting, she noticed her passion for competing and joined all star cheerleading. During Jackie's time cheering for all stars, she competed at Cheersport, UCA, and NCA on different levels up to IOC5. Jackie also cheered at FSK High school and helped her team win multiple county titles from 2006-2009. She was one of the captions both seasons during her senior year. Her proudest moment in cheerleading was being selected among thousands of cheerleaders at a national all star competition to cheer in the 2007 Pro Bowl in Hawaii. She coached at Winters Mill High School during the 2014 & 2015 season helping Winters Mill advance to Semi Finals and Finals. Jackie is a Health and Physical Education teacher in Frederick County Public Schools and puts a special emphasis on health and fitness as she coaches. Jackie joined the coaching staff at Maryland Allstars three years ago and had had some huge accomplishments with her teams. During the 2017-2018 season Jackie's level three teams was undefeated and won notable titles at American Masters and Reach The Beach. Jackie has been certified through the United States Allstar Federation (USASF) and the Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA).

Maddie Pfeifer

Over the course of her cheerleading career, Maddie Pfeifer has competed at The Cheerleading Worlds six times. Her teams placed within the top five of their division five out of the six years she attended. While performing on GymTyme Platinum, Maddie won back to back NCA Allstar National titles in 2012 and 2013.  She's got two of those highly regarded NCA jackets! In 2013 Maddie also became a NCA Champion with the University of Louisville and received a collegiate ring. Maddie has trained under some of the most notable names in the industry which has prepared her to share her love of the sport with others.

Brittany Trappe

Brittany Trappe cheered competitively for ten years. She has competed at The Cheerleading Worlds four times on a Small Senior Level 5, Large Senior Level 5, and International Open Level 5. In 2010 Brittany's team gave the performance of a lifetime, and placed in the top five. Brittany was also a staple on the Varsity team at South River High School and was Captain her last year. As a senior she was given a special award for her leadership and dedication. Brittany's own personal award comes from being able to share her love of cheer with other athletes. Brittany currently resides  in Annapolis and is an Assistant Program Manager for the Immune Deficiency Foundation.

Matt Clark

Matt Clark started gymnastics in seventh grade. He was very ambitious when it came to tumbling. After participating for a year, Matt decided to try cheerleading and joined a local recreational program. Matt soon realized he was serious about the sport and made his way into the allstar world. He continued to excel in the program he joined and made his first Worlds team his junior year of high school. As a level 5 athlete, Matt attended the Cheerleading Worlds in 2015, 2016, and 2017. In 2017 his team advanced from the prelim round into semi-finals. Matt is humble about his abilities and appreciative of the opportunities cheer has provided. Matt's coaching style and personal attributes have been a real hit at Maryland Allstars! During Matt's first season at Maryland Allstars his level two and three teams went undefeated. Matt's level 4 team earned Maryland Allstar's first Wildcard bid to the Summit. Matt's teams dominated at events such as American Masters, Reach The Beach, and The Finale. Matt's positive coaching style allowed him to secure a spot as Maryland Allstars 2018 "Coach of the Year" which is determined by athlete votes. Matt is USASF certified through the United States Allstar Federation (USASF) and the Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA.)

Kasey Barnes

Kasey Barnes started cheering for a local recreational program when she was just six years old. Her dedication to cheerleading continued throughout her youth and she stayed in the program until she finished eight grade. Kasey then transitioned into high school cheer where she participated all four years and spent two years as a Captain. Kasey helped her team make it to the State Cheerleading Championship her Junior & Senior year. During Kasey's Senior year she won the Silver Falcon Award for all of her efforts and accomplishments. Kasey also worked as a trainer for a recreational program for the past four years. In 2018 Kasey made the transition into allstar cheerleading and began coaching a Mini team. Kasey has so much enthusiasm and it has been the key to her team's success. In 2019 Kasey started leading a Junior team in addition to her Mini team. We know she will provide a great experience for all of her athletes!

Nikki Ecott

Cheerleading has been a huge part of Nikki's life for the past thirteen years. Nikki was a member of her high school's Varsity squad for four years. Her high school team was extremely successful and placed in the Top 2 at States for two consecutive years. Nikki is proud to have been a 4-time County Champion. In addition to athletics at her school, Nikki spent two years as a level 4 & 5  allstar cheerleader. In 2017 Nikki competed at The Cheerleading Worlds. She loves cheerleading for all of the friends she has met and the memories she has made. In 2018 Nikki discovered her zest for coaching with a youth team. This season she is coaching a junior team and a senior team and is ready to give her all!

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