Maryland Allstars Half Year Competitive Cheerleading


Maryland Allstars Half Year Cheerleading is a great introduction to the world of allstar cheer! We are committed to providing a friendly, fun and challenging curriculum for cheerleaders ages 5-18. At Maryland Allstars, we emphasize effort and improvement while promoting the concept of "personal best."

Teams meet once per week for 2.5 hours of training that includes motions, dance, jumps, pyramids, tumbling, and stunts. No experience is necessary!

The cost is 5 equal payments of $200 each month for an all-inclusive package. This price includes everything cheerleaders need to compete- EXCEPT cheer shoes and USASF membership fee which you will purchase on your own. Payments will be due in 5 installments at the first of each month. Maryland Allstars offers individual fundraising opportunities where proceeds go towards each individual's cheer account to cover program expenses.

Please call 410.552.5499 or email for more information.






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