Maryland Allstars Full Year Competitive Cheerleading 


Maryland Allstars Full Year Cheerleading is a 12-month program for athletes ages 4-18 with a true passion for allstar cheer. By aligning our program with the values of our cheerleaders, we've been able to achieve balanced, sustainable growth on a large scale. With a nine year tradition of excellence, our teams are highly competitive within their respective divisions. We provide some of the most technical training in the cheerleading industry and deliver an experience that is superlative. We take pride in our ability to focus specific attention to each individual; ultimately leading to highly skilled teams.

The success of our teams has enabled the program to achieve several prestigious titles as an organization. In 2013 Maryland Allstars was nominated as one of the top ten small gyms in the country by The Cheer Leader Magazine. In 2014 Maryland Allstars was presented a program award from The Jambrands. In 2016 Maryland Allstars became American Cheer Power's "Gym Of The Month" during the month of May.

Full year teams meet anywhere from 1-3 times per week for 1-3 hrs. of training depending on level. These action-packed practices include motion/dance technique, tumbling skills, jumps, pyramids, and stunts. Cheerleaders compete at up to six allstar competitions per season.

Maryland Allstars lays the foundation for a healthy lifestyle. Our athletes are expected to balance academic requirements and demands with extra-curricular and personal activities. Our program promotes important life skills such as teamwork, sportsmanship, and leadership. Our cheerleaders have been featured in publications such as The Cheer Leader Magazine and Inside Cheerleading. They have modeled uniforms for Varsity and GK Elite. 2x2 Productions has filmed several of our athletes over the past five years.

The total cost of the full year program depends on the specific team. There are several payment plans and options to fit budgets. Maryland Allstars offers individual fundraising opportunities to cover program expenses.

We are always looking to grow our program and we welcome new talent! Our try-out process allows our staff to match athletes based on maturity and experience. Our goal is to provide a team for every athlete that attends try-outs.

Please call 410.552.5499 or email for more information.


  • Amazing Jumps- Davia K.
  • Power Tumbler- Natalie F.
  • Super Base-  Alex F.
  • Best Backspot- Gracen A.
  • Inspirational Flyer- Avery A.
  • Incredible Dancer- Sara N.
  • Fabulous Facials-Liliana C.


  • Most Improved-Brie P.
  • Super Dependable-Grace E.
  • Most Enthusiastic- Molly S.
  • Outstanding Effort-Brenna C.
  • Rookie Of The Year- Kaylee S.
  • Excellent Leadership - Gabby W.

Jaws Award- Natalie L.

Graduating Seniors- Colton W., Mikaele F., Sarah N.

Coach Of The Year-  Coach Tom






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